Best times: July – December

At Fraser River Sport Fishing we target all five species of Pacific Salmon on the Fraser River and its tributaries. At this time, it offers some of the best river salmon fishing British Columbia has to offer.

Millions of salmon begin their annual migration in early May and continue through until late December. The best river salmon fishing occurs between August and November and is subject to annual run size for each species. The Fraser River tends to high higher returns on some years compared to others. It is always best to check with us beforehand.

Methods used to fish for salmon: bar fishing, which is a laid back approach by setting the line in the river, bottom bouncing, which entails a lot of hard work (casting with a 2-4 oz weight, jig, spoon, bait casting, and of course, fly fishing – which is one of our specialties as Dale has fly fished all over western Canada.